Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday Night - From Leona to Noel

It's been a bit of a sad night for me. It a few weeks to Christmas and I'm stuck at home doing work. Don't feel too badly for me. I'm my own worse enemy. If anyone has any idea of how to get over procrastination, I would appreciate it. I really mean it. I think I need a recovered procrastinator - not people like Erin or Tania who always get so much done.

So, I was home watching the tele. It started with the X-factor. Yes, a bit embarrassing but I've never watched it before the quarter finals. Then I was hooked. Personally, I was happy to see Leona win. So that was then and now it is Noel Gallagher. He's got a concert on ITV. He's looking a lot calmer than in his younger days.

WOW. Time flies. I started this blog more than 2 years ago and it seems like I could probably plot the number of entries on my blog against my attendance at the gym and have a similar average per year :)

Oh well.. another year, another set of unrealised objectives.

I wanted to share a pic from my Aunt's party that we weren't able to attend. It looks like they had a lot of fun. I really liked the idea of taking pictures in the empty frame.

Evidently our quickly editted movie was a hit. Yeah for us! We hit one objective.

Objective for This Week:
  • Make it to the plane on time without any stress
  • Finish the business plan so I don't have to work during the holidays
  • Thanking the world and give a little back