Wednesday, December 26, 2007

London Calling

Guest blogger here-- enjoying the incredibly warm hospitality of L&J's hide-away hotel. So far, we have had a great time, walking miles, enjoying the multitude of olfactory treats on the public transit, taking a few pics of the scenery, chowing down on yummy venison stew and treacle pudding near Chichester with Andy Fitz and family, and basking in the gourmet splendour of Jonathan's amazing Christmas dinner-- Martha Stewart should be VERY nervous.....

Day 1:
London must agree with Matt: photographic evidence above of him voluntarily trimming the tree!

Above: cards make the BEST decorations! (particularly when coupled with J's photos of ancient angels)

Day 2: With three London experts as my guide, I was taken to see the fancy decorations in Regent's Street and New Bond Street. Click here to see more of the gorgeous, festive baubles and gew-gaws.

Above: Flowers everywhere in Covent Garden. Very Eliza Doolittle.

Just off Carnaby Street, we stopped for lovely wine at Trouvaille-- a slice of France, including staff who spoke only in French.

Day 3: Matt and I went down to Southern England to visit his old sailing partner, Andy "Fitz" and his lovely family. Here, the boys relive their glory days as they kick the tires (keels?) on the I14s on the dock at Itchenor Sailing Club.

Day 4: Christmas Eve saw us act like proper Brits, heading down to "the local" for a drink.

Day 5: Happy Christmas! See me pretending to be helpful.... clever minx that I am, I donned an apron just for this shot and spent the rest of the day stuffing my face and quaffing champers....

Welcome, Friends! J's Aunt Jacquie, cousin Nick and Uncle Brian arrive to share in the festivities.

The Rodwell clan in Burlington-- everyone is together, courtesy of skype!

Day 6: Boxing Day in the land that invented it. Matt stayed home and nursed his cold-- sad! L&J&E went walking and walking and walking around Stoke Newington. We saw the climbing gym in an old power station from the early 20th century; the building was based on a Scottish Castle.

An angel in the very old, very overgrown Abney Cemetery in Stoke Newington Church Street.

After some delicious turkey sammies (and far too much chocolate), some mulled wine to warm us up, it was off again for a wander down Regent's Canal.

A rose (one of many) in bloom here in Stokey-- gives new meaning to the phrase 'the last rose of summer'.