Sunday, June 29, 2008

So Long Yahoo! Hello Open Skies!

Last year, I left Yahoo! in late August. I hate the good-bye thing so I had said I didn't want to do drinks etc and was hoping in the hoopla of Yahoo! chaos that I would just sneak out the door.

So, I was thoroughly surprised by the going-away shin-dig that my colleagues had arranged. They made a neat little video which I'm sure is still online but I couldn't find it anymore which was accessible via my own "IY". What's an "IY" you ask? In essence, you needed only to type my name in to Yahoo! search and a little icon popped up next to my name that linked directly to this great video. I felt pretty special to have one of these (btw, it is gone now so you can't see it) If anyone knows where that video lives, please send me a link.

Then to top that off,
they gave me a really great gift. I had no idea what they would give me and was really pleasantly surprised to get a gift certificate for a helicopter ride over London. So, below are a few pics from the long awaited trip (the rest are on my flickr stream).
My reactions:
  • Helicopters are not scary
  • The trip was not thrilling i.e. stomach turning
  • The scenery was fantastic
  • Hearing all the banter between the other planes/helicopters and traffic contrel men was cool. It sounded oh so civilized in a British accent.
  • Exciting to fly over the parliament buildings and see in to the internal courtyards. I felt like a spy.
  • Highly recommend to anyone and everyone

Thanks Yahoos! It was brilliant.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Name that Tune and Win

J created the new MOO Business Cards video. Can't you tell by the music? In honour of the launch and J's involvement, I thought I would run my own little contest.

Here, is the challenge.

  1. What is the name of the music J used in the video?
  2. What year was it written in?
I will give out two prizes. First prize will be a set of 100 cards for the music name and second prize will be a set of 50 cards for the year (all prizes courtesy of me - yes me!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Think Pink (and chocolate of course)

I remember the first time I visited the Designer's Guild, I almost cried. It was a weird feeling but I loved everything so much, it hurt. If you have ever been there, you may know what I mean.

Today was an even more emotional day because I arrived home to find that the wallpaper that I ordered on Saturday arrived. You know me, I love chocolate (all kinds) ...

I'll keep you posted on how long it takes us to get it on the wall. Neither of us have ever wallpapered and I keep remembering that we live on a street whose patron saint is "the saint of lost causes" and I think perhaps we need professional help.

Any tips?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Living in a Pigeon Coop

Suspected Intruder
Originally uploaded by praguelondon
I know that our bedroom is ridiculously messy. My mother would definitely need a sedative if she saw it. Who knows some may think it looks like a pig sty or a chicken coop, but a PIGEON COOP?

Yes. That's what it was this morning at 8.10am.

Let me backtrack. Today was Saturday. That means a little lie-in (as they say here) or sleep in (as they say at home). So, at 8.10 I was asleep, sound asleep. Something woke me. Those dratted pigeons were really getting loud. Why had they recently decided our window sill was the new Meeting Place? I couldn't imagine. If only they would keep it down.

What made me open my one eye? I don't know, but within a nano-second I was wide awake when I saw the scene more clearly. I looked over J towards the window and what did I see, but the pigeon on the inside of our room.

Of course I freaked out and pushed J out of bed to deal with our intruder. I hid under the covers. Don't worry I was helpful. I gave instructions to J. "Throw a towel over him. Do something but don't let him start flying around our house." Quickly, J surmised the situation and told me that not only was there Mr. Beady-Eye, there was also Mrs. Beady-Eye in for an early morning visit.

How did that happen? How did we get not one but two pigeons in our bedroom?

I heard J speak to our visitors politely in a coaxing voice, "Come on, fly out the window. You know it is much nicer outside."

There was J quietly cooing to the pigeons. Meanwhile I was yelling from under the duvet "throw a towel over them. Get them out or they will start s***ting everywhere. GET THEM OUT NOW!"

I'm not sure if it was my approach or J's cooing manner, but soon one made his way out. However, the second decided to fly up and perch on J's wardrobe. It became a staring contest between J and Mrs. Beady-Eyes. Eventually, J's convincing tone swished her out the open window.

What a start to the morning!

Looks like we have to go buy those crazy spikes which I always thought were inhumane. Not any more. I can't live in a Pigeon Coop.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Has anyone seen my friend?

Flower Shopping Done
Originally uploaded by praguelondon
I am seething. I feel violated. I want to scream all the obsenities I know and learn some more so I can scream them too.

Recently, (in fact as recent as 2 hours ago) I have been bragging about my super duper short commute to work - 15 minutes on my trusted bicycle. It is a great way to start and end the day. It's just long enough to destress but not too long that I feel the regret of riding my bike in the morning when I've had a drink of wine in the evening.

Tonight just after I bid a 'good-night, I'm off on my wonderful bike' to R, D, G and M I approached Old Street Round-About to mount my wonder in blue and what should I see but a cut bike lock and no bike.

WHAT !!!!! Which f**ker (yes, I said that out loud) stole my bike? It was a girrly bike (that Isabel gave me when she left for India). Why???? I love her. She was my friend. Everyone thought she was wonderful. I thought she was wonderful .....

.... now some yucky person is misusing her. Please help find her and make me happy again.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer has arrived in Canader

On a recent wirlwind tour to N. America for Tania and Marcel's wedding, work (in San Fran and Calgary), I managed to get a few days up at Crane Lake. This photo (captured by E) says it all.

Wow, I do love life especially when it includes days like this. Thanks to M, D, E and J.