Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Think Pink (and chocolate of course)

I remember the first time I visited the Designer's Guild, I almost cried. It was a weird feeling but I loved everything so much, it hurt. If you have ever been there, you may know what I mean.

Today was an even more emotional day because I arrived home to find that the wallpaper that I ordered on Saturday arrived. You know me, I love chocolate (all kinds) ...

I'll keep you posted on how long it takes us to get it on the wall. Neither of us have ever wallpapered and I keep remembering that we live on a street whose patron saint is "the saint of lost causes" and I think perhaps we need professional help.

Any tips?


tania said...

gasp! weep!
i know exactly what you mean!
lovely paper.

Anonymous said...

we used to shake hands before we started wallpapering - and the wallpaper was not from the design guild? maybe a professional?

Ere said...

I totally understand about Designers' Guild. I feel exactly the same way.

The paper is gorgeous. I suggest some "how-to" research online before beginning. Is your paper pre-pasted or must you apply paste yourselves? You'll need a trough, a few different kinds of smoothers, a plumb line (you can rig one up) b/c your house is old and so the walls won't be straight. Start in the centre, not at the edge, of the wall.

And, finally, remember that wallpapering is one of the things that it is NOT recommended that couples do together: it can be divorce-causing. So, keep that in mind and promise each other that you are bigger and stronger than all that, and you will be fine. Have a bottle of good wine chilling for when you finish.

Ooh! You may also need to prep the wall first-- sanding and maybe a coat of special, pre-papering primer to make the paper adhere.

Good luck! I can't wait to see the final product!