Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Name that Tune and Win

J created the new MOO Business Cards video. Can't you tell by the music? In honour of the launch and J's involvement, I thought I would run my own little contest.

Here, is the challenge.

  1. What is the name of the music J used in the video?
  2. What year was it written in?
I will give out two prizes. First prize will be a set of 100 cards for the music name and second prize will be a set of 50 cards for the year (all prizes courtesy of me - yes me!)


Ere said...

Vid looks (and sounds) great!

I have a very good friend named Martyn Smith!

Dominique said...

Okay, here it is:

My Heart Skipped a Beat (The Girls from Paramaribo) (Instrumental) by Berry Lipman Orchestra and Singers

:) Squeee!

Rodwellian said...

I can't believe it and neither can J but Dominque got it right!!!! Wow. How she did it? I have no idea but she is the winner of 2 packs of the new MOO Business Cards

Jonathan Howells said...

Hey Dominique,

I'm the one who actually created the moo business card video (and researched that great old song) and I a MEGA impressed that you identified it! I dug pretty deep for that one, and you nailed it... wow.

Lisa told me briefly how you did it, and I'd love to know more about that "name that tune" guessing technology you mentioned to her!! Wow!

Hats off to you!