Sunday, June 29, 2008

So Long Yahoo! Hello Open Skies!

Last year, I left Yahoo! in late August. I hate the good-bye thing so I had said I didn't want to do drinks etc and was hoping in the hoopla of Yahoo! chaos that I would just sneak out the door.

So, I was thoroughly surprised by the going-away shin-dig that my colleagues had arranged. They made a neat little video which I'm sure is still online but I couldn't find it anymore which was accessible via my own "IY". What's an "IY" you ask? In essence, you needed only to type my name in to Yahoo! search and a little icon popped up next to my name that linked directly to this great video. I felt pretty special to have one of these (btw, it is gone now so you can't see it) If anyone knows where that video lives, please send me a link.

Then to top that off,
they gave me a really great gift. I had no idea what they would give me and was really pleasantly surprised to get a gift certificate for a helicopter ride over London. So, below are a few pics from the long awaited trip (the rest are on my flickr stream).
My reactions:
  • Helicopters are not scary
  • The trip was not thrilling i.e. stomach turning
  • The scenery was fantastic
  • Hearing all the banter between the other planes/helicopters and traffic contrel men was cool. It sounded oh so civilized in a British accent.
  • Exciting to fly over the parliament buildings and see in to the internal courtyards. I felt like a spy.
  • Highly recommend to anyone and everyone

Thanks Yahoos! It was brilliant.


tania said...

dang! i am so jealousd that looks fantastic- and a gorgeous day to boot!

Olivier said...

I discovered your blog. Nice ! And am now also discovering how an adventurous life you are living. Take care Lisa !