Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Roman Holiday

A Terrace with a View
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Last weekend, I surprised J with a trip to Roma. He didn't know where we were going until the last minute (i.e. before we went through security). I figured it wasn't a great idea to take someone blindfolded through security. We both may have ended up down at Scottland Yard.

We had a totally romantic weekend. One of the highlights was our place of residence for the few days. Thanks to a tip from DA, I used a website called romesweethome to find a flat. I had selected a nice one in my price range in Piazza Navona. But, luck had it, they made an error as it wasn't available. So, like any good company who cares about customer service they offered me a MUCH BETTER flat for the same price.

Presto. We were now in a 90 square meter flat - 2 beds/2 baths - steps from the Trevi Fountain. Romantic -- beyond belief. All you need to see is the view from the terrace. Yes, that's the Pantheon and St. Peter's in the background. ( Roman Holiday definitely came to mind which by the way I brought on my laptop)

s. A Roman Kiss. Awwww. Bliss.

I have a few more pics on my Flickr account and will get more up when I have time.
So, looking for romance on Valentine's Day?

Go to Rome!

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