Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Dynamic Duo Pony Style

D. at work directed the whole office to this collection of My little Pony's featured on the Guardian website. I immediately laughed out loud and then was incredibly fascinated on the "how did she do it?". So I wondered over to the artist's website Mari Kasurinen and found that she has created around 20 hollywood & comic figures sculptures out of vintage My Little Pony dolls. Here are a few but visit her website for the real deal.

And I think our all time favourite (J's influence clearly) was Han Solo in Carbonite. How cool! But the question remains - How?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teens that Curl -- Good title eh?

It looks like my sister, brother-in-law and nieces have all been beating the pants off all those other crazy Canuck curlers. Don't believe me? Read it in the black and white of newspaper below (thanks to Mum for sending me the article) or read it here on line.

Now I know why I never get an email or phone call from my sister and nieces ;). They are too busy curling.

Monday, March 09, 2009

My Dream Combination

When I was 13 my brother made fun of me because he said my favourite band was not a band at all but was in fact musicals. I would laugh it off and try to pretend that it was not true. In fact, for years I always quoted Psychedelic Furs as my favourite band in order to refute his hurtful comment. Musicals - pashaw!

It wasn't until I was well in to my 30s that I embraced my eccentric music taste. I admitted it whole heartedly that I was a musical fan (not all musicals but a select few). In fact, while I was at eBay I decided we should not use sports analogies in my team but "theatrical analogies" as an ode to the musical. My team was very supportive and adopted the nomenclature without too much fuss. Thank goodness or I could have ended up like a character in the Office.

I'm telling you this because it will explain my absolute adoration for some recent Flight of the Conchords videos. I've mentioned in the past how much I LOVE these guys (perhaps it is the musical/campy quality to the show).This year they have concocted the most brilliant of videos Can you spot the reasons? Here are two examples from the Kiwi boys that make me smile.

First, in homage to West Side Story -- "Stay Cool"

Now, that we have the musicals out of our system, why not relive the only music I ever loved (outside the musical genre) plus add a dash of shopping/shoes to the mix and we have another dream combination. Here's Fashion is Danger

Finally, if you have time, go to youtube and watch "sugarlumps" -- hee hee hee hee.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Are you a narcissist? Here's one for you...

My friend Xiao Dan sent me a link to this site called Photofunia (yes, all domains have been used up that is clear!). Quickly, I found myself superimposing my pic on all over these *famous* landmarks and magazine covers. Here are a few that I created.

It reminded me of the photo booths in Maple Leaf Village (1972-1992) in Niagara Falls where you would stand in a barrel in front of a poorly rendered photograph of the Falls. Then you would be charged a fortune to take home a shot of you and your friend going over the Falls in a barrel. I found a barrel shot on flickr.

Ahhh Niagara Falls the classiest of tourist destinations.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Sweet Viagra Ad ... for a change

I came across this ad on my daily jaunt around the interweb. I think they have done a fabulous job. Perhaps this one appeals more to women. Who knows maybe they've done their research and learned that women are the "nags" in this purchase decision. Not sure, but I like it just the same.