Monday, March 09, 2009

My Dream Combination

When I was 13 my brother made fun of me because he said my favourite band was not a band at all but was in fact musicals. I would laugh it off and try to pretend that it was not true. In fact, for years I always quoted Psychedelic Furs as my favourite band in order to refute his hurtful comment. Musicals - pashaw!

It wasn't until I was well in to my 30s that I embraced my eccentric music taste. I admitted it whole heartedly that I was a musical fan (not all musicals but a select few). In fact, while I was at eBay I decided we should not use sports analogies in my team but "theatrical analogies" as an ode to the musical. My team was very supportive and adopted the nomenclature without too much fuss. Thank goodness or I could have ended up like a character in the Office.

I'm telling you this because it will explain my absolute adoration for some recent Flight of the Conchords videos. I've mentioned in the past how much I LOVE these guys (perhaps it is the musical/campy quality to the show).This year they have concocted the most brilliant of videos Can you spot the reasons? Here are two examples from the Kiwi boys that make me smile.

First, in homage to West Side Story -- "Stay Cool"

Now, that we have the musicals out of our system, why not relive the only music I ever loved (outside the musical genre) plus add a dash of shopping/shoes to the mix and we have another dream combination. Here's Fashion is Danger

Finally, if you have time, go to youtube and watch "sugarlumps" -- hee hee hee hee.


Ere said...

OH MY GOD! Cannot stop laughing! Fashion is Danger might be my new favourite video of all time. Particularly since I just wasted a HUGE amount of time on, noticing that all the 80s bands I liked looked consisted of two poser guys with 45 lbs of Dep hairgel stylin' up their lids! Must go and watch it again.

"N-n-n-n-new York City!"

ere said...

Whoops--excitement of the moment led to a typo. Sorry!