Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In The Dead of Winter

(I know London is hardly known for their harsh winters. So, let's say this post is for my friends and family back home who are on their umpteenth snow storm of the year.) As I was saying, in the dead of winter, it's always fun to think back to those long hazy days of summer when you were a kid. I stumbled upon this beautiful video on flickr. Turn on the music because it adds to the magic.

I'm sure you noticed the video was editted in reverse. Strangely, it reminded me of an ad I worked on years ago for Pond's. The ad showed everything in reverse -- you know turning back time with cream (of course it is plausible). While the end result was beautiful thanks to the talents of Janet Kestin and her creative team. It actually was hellish to make given it was shot in Montreal in late Fall and there was a lot of outside shots involving rain machines. Yes, it was freezing.

As always I love how something today seemingly unrelated can bring back so many different memories.