Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Meaning for Cat Hair

I don't have a cat (due to allergies). Otherwise, you know she would have one of these sporting wigs. You can see the whole collection and buy one for your feline at The blue wig (not shown here) is the showstopper.

The model in pink is Chicken photographed by Allison V. Smith and Fern has attested that Blondes do have more fun. Photo by Jill Johnson.

Here is some further thought on cat wiggery from my best friend -- you'll notice she has a more intellectual approach.

A Truly Canadian Sport ..

Congratulations to Jordan (my niece) and her high school team. They advanced to the Ontario championships for Curling and came in second. That's bloody good considering they are only in grade nine. Proud Aunt here.

I hear the outrage, the groans (not from my own family, but my large non-Canadian readerbase) - Curling?!??? Athletic?!!! Sport??!! Come on.

Well, personally I can not comment on the legitimacy of curling as a sport. Frankly, I can't even define sport. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm the least athletic person in our family (even more unathletic than Decker our sorely departed overweight cat) -- BUT I am told it is very strategic and takes great skill. So, let's hush the groaners please. Hey, what other sport allows you to take a drink on to the "playing field" (in this case ice")? Just for that allowance, I believe it is worthy of sport status .

Another interesting Curling trivia note: in Canada more people watched the Canadian Brier (big Curling bonspiel - yes that is what they are called) than any other TV programme including the Stanley Cup. (what? you don't know the Stanley Cup? Next up we will have to feature Julie our own secret Wayne Gretzky to explain).

OK enought Sports Talk - where's the wine?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Artist in the Family

First there was J's run away success with Hugo on youtube. Then my own success as photographer and now the youngest artist to make a name for herself - Maggie Rodwell. You can see her drawing above featured in Chirp magazine. The fun thing is that I think J's sister Tania has done illustration for Chirp too.

Congratulations Maggie!

Dinner Party - Before

TW Protected
Originally uploaded by praguelondon
Last night we had our first dinner party (not including Christmas dinner) at our new house. It took nine months to organize, it was rescheduled 5 times, but finally we hosted.

J redeemed himself after the disaster with the risotto at our last dinner party (Oct. 30, 2005). I'm happy to say both our Barbeque and J's menu was a success (ed: just read to J and he wanted me to say a smashing success). We had :
  • Starter: rocket (arugula in Canada), pear and goat cheese salad with walnut & orange juice dressing
  • Main: salmon with lime-ginger butter sauce OR
  • Barbequed chicken marinated in sundried tomato and basil marinade on a bed of greens
  • Served with: mango and cilantro salsa
  • Dessert: we cheated. We bought GU desserts (yum yum) plus baclava which E&M brought
BTW. Most people had both chicken and salmon. I think the salmon was the clear winner.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my wits about me at the end of the night to take an "after" shot. That would have told the story better. Suffice it to say we all enjoyed ourselves. It turns out that we didn't really need the "table talk" questions I hid in each person's napkins -- but they did add a good twist in to the conversation.

Here's a few for blog participation:
  1. Do you collect anything? ... of couse I said I used to collect smurfs (here's proof)
  2. What was your childhood ambition? ... of course anyone who knows me knows what that was.
  3. From which famous person would you most like to receive a massage (this one somehow seemed to be the one with most debate --especially between the couples)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Music Video is Finally Finished... Woohoo!

J has been working on this video for a long time (read - 3 years!). It is best seen on big screen with lights low and a cigarette in hand (not that I smoke).

Asprovalta by Sans Soleil, music video from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I have a new addiction

I hate video games. Right? Haven't I ranted about the fact they waste time and all the other anti-gamer arguments. I'm now eating my words as I have been given the chance to relive my groupie days pre-corporate life. Well this time it is NOT as a groupie but as the frontman (well - woman). Rock on with Guitar Hero.

Now imagine this is the Rock Legends version which really just has ROCK music. You know the music as a young girl I complained about as my oldest brother blasted his music in the boys' end of the house. But still I try to ROCK. Imagine when they bring out the 80s Post-Punk, New Wave edition. There'll be no stopping me then.

J is actually happy by this addiction as I seem to be coming home an hour later every day from work. He can continue to amuse himself doing equally geeky things without me hovering.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Me a photographer?

So, for all those readers who follow my antics or are forced to read my blog. You know who you are. Well, frankly I know who you are ... you fall in to a few different camps. You are either
1. my best friend
2. my Mum and Dad
3. my sister-in-law
4. or actually there's only 3 of you.

So, if you 3 remember when I wrote about the wonderful weekend J and I had when we visited Kew Gardens, you may remember some of my photos. Just before we left Kew we happened upon a photo exhibit featuring Flickr photos. They were encouraging visitors to submit theirs to a Flickr group. So... that was not really a hard ask. In fact, I had way more photos to submit than I was allowed.

About a week later, I found out one of my photos was selected as one of the top 10 for that week. Whoohoo! (they probably only had 10 submissions - hey. I'll take what I can).

So, I was super excited this week when I was told I was one of the top 20 for the Spring submissions. Double whoohoo! Why you may ask? Isn't it obvious? It's the sheer brillance of my photography ...

Here's the photo and below is the judges comment:

Originally uploaded by praguelondon

Judge James Morley writes: "In managing the Moore at Kew photo showcase, and chosing the weekly top-ten images, there were many images along the lines of this one. Great colours, striking form, trees framed through the 'window', wonderful cloud formations.... But this illustrates how a subtle shift of angle, and the pure simplicity and boldness of filling much of the image with just a uniform blue sky makes for an incredibly strong image "

So. Basically. I took the same photo as everyone else. My camera moved and it looked like purposely framed the photo with a lot of thought. Oh well... I never said I was a photographer.