Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Truly Canadian Sport ..

Congratulations to Jordan (my niece) and her high school team. They advanced to the Ontario championships for Curling and came in second. That's bloody good considering they are only in grade nine. Proud Aunt here.

I hear the outrage, the groans (not from my own family, but my large non-Canadian readerbase) - Curling?!??? Athletic?!!! Sport??!! Come on.

Well, personally I can not comment on the legitimacy of curling as a sport. Frankly, I can't even define sport. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm the least athletic person in our family (even more unathletic than Decker our sorely departed overweight cat) -- BUT I am told it is very strategic and takes great skill. So, let's hush the groaners please. Hey, what other sport allows you to take a drink on to the "playing field" (in this case ice")? Just for that allowance, I believe it is worthy of sport status .

Another interesting Curling trivia note: in Canada more people watched the Canadian Brier (big Curling bonspiel - yes that is what they are called) than any other TV programme including the Stanley Cup. (what? you don't know the Stanley Cup? Next up we will have to feature Julie our own secret Wayne Gretzky to explain).

OK enought Sports Talk - where's the wine?

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Lola's Sister said...

Right. I, the only person on the planet who can actually claim to be LESS athletic than you are (need I remind you of who was, unfailingly, picked dead last for every team in Middle School? No need to thank me for sparing YOU the indignity of being picked last...), am here to say that curling is, indeed, a BRILLIANT sport! Chief among its winning attributes is the very thing you mention: I can drink WHILE I do it! Plus, you get to yell, "Hard! Hard! HARD!" as part of the game, something usually reserved only for porn stars. PLUS, it's really Canadian and you don't even have to freeze your butt off outdoors: you can stay inside and wear cute tights-- WHILE drinking and shrieking "Hard! Hard! HARD!" Beat THAT, baseball fans.