Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Lights for Rodwellian

I think I've waited long enough to put up the Christmas lights. It's time. In most stores, there have been decorations since mid-October. So, today I'm going to get out the decorations for our house (I bought some new beautiful bulb yesterday at Liberty's)

So, before I run downstairs and start cursing because the lights don't work. I thought I would spruce my blog up with some London-inspired decorations. Taaaa! Daaaa! (through the magic of photos)These Victorian era angels hang high above the streets around Seven Dials.The covered market at Covent Garden had vertical lights changing colours to make it feel like it was snowing inside.

Some of the flying stars on Regent Street, London this year.

This is a combination of the street lights on Regent Street and the lights in the window at the National Geographic Society Store. (it's an amazing place for great photography and stuff for the adventure-minded including NG holidays)

This little guy reminded me of the Stay Puft Marshmellow man. He can be found on Carnaby StreetInside Liberty London, you can find this corridor of lights in their Christmas shop.

Finally, the traditional candle lighting La Trouvaille, our favourite spot for a cozy glass of wine after a day of shopping.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going Nude on Fancy Shoes Friday

I thought that headline might catch a few people. Yes, it's true on both accounts.
  1. Friday is Fancy Shoe Day
  2. I'm going nude this Friday
OK, a bit more detail.

High heels were not always welcome in the studios. When we were at the old offices I would teeter around in my heels on the beautiful wooden floors to the glaring glances of my co-workers. Imagine the equatio

office with high ceilings + hard wood floors + heels does not equal soothing work environment

Things, got better after we moved in to the new offices at the Silicon Roundabout. My heel-wearing is now much less of an issue as we have carpet there. In fact, other women in the office started wearing heels. Whoohoo! Bring on the mutual shoe adoration.

Now, every Friday, the women at work hold Fancy Shoe Fridays. That means we are encouraged to wear all those ridiculously high, impractical but oh-so delicious shoes that we really don't have a reason for wearing any other day. Thanks to Tamsin and Joy for this brilliant idea and an excuse to go nude this Friday.

OK ... NUDE. Well, you know I'm not that crazy. Of course there is a double meaning.

I will be wearing my new pair of shoots (shoe/boots) from
United Nude. This wonderful line of shoes first hit the scene and my shoe rack back in 2003 with the Möbius shoe. The Möbius shoe was designed by Rem D Koolhaas (the architect) and Galahad Clark. I've had this first pair for 5 years now and still feel it is the coolest thing in my wardrobe. That probably explains why it was pretty easy to hand over the Amex card on these new babies (despite the fact I was supposed to be Christmas Shopping for others). These particular shoes are called Fold. They are described as follows on the United Nude site:

Like the physical concept of the Möbius, about the fluent movement of a single strip. The strip folds around the foot front-to-back-to-front like a scarf. The Fold’s are made on a comfortable last with some space in the toe-box to fit normal to wider feet. The uppers are made with custom designed elastics and the shoes have all leather lining.

I'm counting down to Friday. (I have a feeling I won't go that long to go nude)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swish Titles Looking for a Film

If you know me personally (which of course 99.9% of my visitors do), you know that since we moved to London J has been reinventing the work he does. After years of working with printed fonts, logos, packaging, book covers and brochures, all a bit static, he is finally giving those designs some movement. Of course he still pays the bills with his beautiful graphic design work as his portfolios demonstrate.

But the exciting thing for both J (and actually more for me) is that he now feels he has a body of work ready to unveil -- 'moving designs'.

I say it is exciting for me because being the spouse of a creative perfectionist I have had to be very patient about the time it took to finalize his reel (that's what the portfolio is called). Personally, I felt he was ready a year ago. However, perfection is not quickly achieved and in fact it takes many many hours/days/weeks of
studying (that's what J calls watching movies).

In any case, J has now finished two portfolio reels including some commercial video work and also some yet uncommissioned movie titles. We just need someone to write and produce the films and we'll be in business.

Reel, Spring/Summer 08 from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.

Reel, Autumn/Winter 08 from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.

Yes. Of course, I am very very proud (I'm convinced I must have had some impact with all my forceful encouragement).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diet Time is No Fun Time

How often have you told yourself "I'll start that diet tomorrow". Let's just put it this way, if I lost even 1/2 pound for every time I'd said that, I would probably be skinnier than most models. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

A week ago, I went to NYC with four of my oldest and bestest friends for our fortieth (gulp!). What fun but definitely less wild than our earlier years. In any case, the NYC weekend was full of wining and dining without much attention to nutritional intake. After 4 days, I found myself declaring that not only I would be starting a diet but so would J to ensure I actually did start it.

It's a week later. How have I done? Well... let's just say this cat is doing better than me. However, I'm thinking about signing up to Nutracheck for the calorie counter -- maybe tomorrow. For now, bring on the wine and cheese.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Is it Christmas Already?

Yes, it is November 1st so I can officially start talking about Christmas. In Canada, there is a golden rule. You NEVER say Christmas until the candle is blown out on the Jack-o-lantern. As Halloween is now behind us, bring on the big old fat guy. [Strangely here in the UK, Christmas and Halloween live side by side in shops from the beginning of October. I don't approve. - However, as a Canadian, I must keep to my roots and wait until November 1st.]

So, now that my favourite holiday is over. I can begin to talk about my second favourite holiday. I think I will try to pepper this space with "ideas for me" over the next two months. Isn't Christmas all about presents? So, if you're thinking about how you can win my heart check back for ideas.

However, today I'm going to do a bit of promotion because I do it so well. Here is the outcome of a little contest that's been running on MOO.
Basically, the contest involved posting a photo and asking for people to come up with the Christmas Card Headline. Here was one of my favourite photos (by sappymoosetree) in the contest:

One of the winning captions was: Peace.Love.Bacon. Who wouldn't want to receive a joyous card like that? I can think of many who would also appreciate that humour.

So, if you want to see the entire pack of 25
Christmas & Holiday cards check them out. There is a special card especially designed for the Star War fan (who also happens to be Jewish) on your holiday card list.