Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going Nude on Fancy Shoes Friday

I thought that headline might catch a few people. Yes, it's true on both accounts.
  1. Friday is Fancy Shoe Day
  2. I'm going nude this Friday
OK, a bit more detail.

High heels were not always welcome in the studios. When we were at the old offices I would teeter around in my heels on the beautiful wooden floors to the glaring glances of my co-workers. Imagine the equatio

office with high ceilings + hard wood floors + heels does not equal soothing work environment

Things, got better after we moved in to the new offices at the Silicon Roundabout. My heel-wearing is now much less of an issue as we have carpet there. In fact, other women in the office started wearing heels. Whoohoo! Bring on the mutual shoe adoration.

Now, every Friday, the women at work hold Fancy Shoe Fridays. That means we are encouraged to wear all those ridiculously high, impractical but oh-so delicious shoes that we really don't have a reason for wearing any other day. Thanks to Tamsin and Joy for this brilliant idea and an excuse to go nude this Friday.

OK ... NUDE. Well, you know I'm not that crazy. Of course there is a double meaning.

I will be wearing my new pair of shoots (shoe/boots) from
United Nude. This wonderful line of shoes first hit the scene and my shoe rack back in 2003 with the Möbius shoe. The Möbius shoe was designed by Rem D Koolhaas (the architect) and Galahad Clark. I've had this first pair for 5 years now and still feel it is the coolest thing in my wardrobe. That probably explains why it was pretty easy to hand over the Amex card on these new babies (despite the fact I was supposed to be Christmas Shopping for others). These particular shoes are called Fold. They are described as follows on the United Nude site:

Like the physical concept of the Möbius, about the fluent movement of a single strip. The strip folds around the foot front-to-back-to-front like a scarf. The Fold’s are made on a comfortable last with some space in the toe-box to fit normal to wider feet. The uppers are made with custom designed elastics and the shoes have all leather lining.

I'm counting down to Friday. (I have a feeling I won't go that long to go nude)



Desiree said...

Hey Lisa, I didn't even know you've been blogging. And on one of my favourite topics - shoes! I should have guessed.

I love the shoboots!

Desiree x

Ere said...

Are you trying to KILL me??? I am wracked with jealousy over your groovy new shabooties! I have been wearing the (far less cool) ones I got in NYC constantly, but they are nowhere near as gorgeous as your Folds! Bravo-- well shopped!

Of course, the Fun Police are cracking down at work, so even if did have groovy stripy shoes, I am sure someone would find a reason they are not appropriate. My footless tights got me into trouble last week (imagine how scandalous it was of me to reveal 3 WHOLE INCHES of the top of my foot! Shocking, really. I should be ashamed of myself.) Also on the hit list: my amazing purple nailpolish. A colleague even commented a bit acidly, "You are quite the fashion plate these days!" The way she spat out "fashion plate," she might as well have said, "baby murderer" , "leper" or "Dr. Mengele wannabe." What is WRONG with looking stylish, I ask????

Rodwellian said...

Oh Ere, you make me laugh laugh laugh. I can't wait to see you on Saturday. I hope you will take me shopping to find something to match my new shoots.

Anonymous said...

DELISH!!!! LOVE THEM yeah Im a member of the "I'm smart and have fabulous shoes" club toooooo.
Lisa I'm so hunting those shoes down now...hope all is well love
green with envy

Ere said...

Am trying to promote Fancy Shoe Fridays here at work but there are three problems:
1. My dept head points out that, around here, there are lots of people who would think that "Fancy Shoe Fridays" meant they should wear their "dressy" athletic shoes.
2. The whole concept may well be just TOO MUCH FUN for this place.
3. EVERY DAY is Fancy Shoe day for me....

Rodwellian said...

HI Yoli. Wow, I'm feeling psychic today. You were in my mind today. I was thinking about your groovy style. Shall we say stylish smart minds, think alike :)