Saturday, November 15, 2008

Diet Time is No Fun Time

How often have you told yourself "I'll start that diet tomorrow". Let's just put it this way, if I lost even 1/2 pound for every time I'd said that, I would probably be skinnier than most models. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

A week ago, I went to NYC with four of my oldest and bestest friends for our fortieth (gulp!). What fun but definitely less wild than our earlier years. In any case, the NYC weekend was full of wining and dining without much attention to nutritional intake. After 4 days, I found myself declaring that not only I would be starting a diet but so would J to ensure I actually did start it.

It's a week later. How have I done? Well... let's just say this cat is doing better than me. However, I'm thinking about signing up to Nutracheck for the calorie counter -- maybe tomorrow. For now, bring on the wine and cheese.

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kim said...

Boyfriend has been on Weightwatchers for about 6 months, has lost 2 stone (28 pounds +) and swears by it.

I, however, am not, and still weigh something medically dangerous. Sigh.

Rodwellian said...

Hi Kim. My best friend from home is also a weight watcher and lost about 2.5 stone and has kept it off for 6 years. As you know the issue with me is it's the last 7lbs ..

Let's go for some drinks instead :)

Ere said...

Said best friend "weighing in," here-- New York was about my undoing, despite all my WW indocrination. Er, "training"....

Back on the wagon! (So's I can pack it on again over Christmas! Whoo-hoo!)

ps-- 2 stone (but I like the extra .5 you gave me! :)))