Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Lights for Rodwellian

I think I've waited long enough to put up the Christmas lights. It's time. In most stores, there have been decorations since mid-October. So, today I'm going to get out the decorations for our house (I bought some new beautiful bulb yesterday at Liberty's)

So, before I run downstairs and start cursing because the lights don't work. I thought I would spruce my blog up with some London-inspired decorations. Taaaa! Daaaa! (through the magic of photos)These Victorian era angels hang high above the streets around Seven Dials.The covered market at Covent Garden had vertical lights changing colours to make it feel like it was snowing inside.

Some of the flying stars on Regent Street, London this year.

This is a combination of the street lights on Regent Street and the lights in the window at the National Geographic Society Store. (it's an amazing place for great photography and stuff for the adventure-minded including NG holidays)

This little guy reminded me of the Stay Puft Marshmellow man. He can be found on Carnaby StreetInside Liberty London, you can find this corridor of lights in their Christmas shop.

Finally, the traditional candle lighting La Trouvaille, our favourite spot for a cozy glass of wine after a day of shopping.



Desiree said...

I love the photos - I feel Christmassy already!

Ere said...

I am sooooo sad not to be there to see all of it this year! I prefer this year's Carnaby St. ones to last year's I must say. I am feeling sad that we were not with you at La Trouvaille.

I can't even begin to think about Liberty.... Makes me too jealous.

I did our porch and all but the tree inside this w/e. Am exhausted, but it does look pretty. Can't wait for photos of your new Liberty lights!

xiao dan said...

thank you lisa, this is a great reminder of how creative london is - if you see what they put up on orchard road in Singapore - it's unbelivable, they had sweets theme, and iceing-cakeish xmas trees and silly little people around the tree... i should take some photos for you just to see them in comparison, ;P good work keep it coming xx