Saturday, November 01, 2008

Is it Christmas Already?

Yes, it is November 1st so I can officially start talking about Christmas. In Canada, there is a golden rule. You NEVER say Christmas until the candle is blown out on the Jack-o-lantern. As Halloween is now behind us, bring on the big old fat guy. [Strangely here in the UK, Christmas and Halloween live side by side in shops from the beginning of October. I don't approve. - However, as a Canadian, I must keep to my roots and wait until November 1st.]

So, now that my favourite holiday is over. I can begin to talk about my second favourite holiday. I think I will try to pepper this space with "ideas for me" over the next two months. Isn't Christmas all about presents? So, if you're thinking about how you can win my heart check back for ideas.

However, today I'm going to do a bit of promotion because I do it so well. Here is the outcome of a little contest that's been running on MOO.
Basically, the contest involved posting a photo and asking for people to come up with the Christmas Card Headline. Here was one of my favourite photos (by sappymoosetree) in the contest:

One of the winning captions was: Peace.Love.Bacon. Who wouldn't want to receive a joyous card like that? I can think of many who would also appreciate that humour.

So, if you want to see the entire pack of 25
Christmas & Holiday cards check them out. There is a special card especially designed for the Star War fan (who also happens to be Jewish) on your holiday card list.

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Ere said...

As of perhaps last year (possibly earlier, though that is the first time I remember noticing the trend), Christmas and Hallowe'en coexist, side by side, starting in October here in Canada, too, sad to say. (Well, to be honest, Hallowe'en tends to start immediately following the diabolical "back to school"-- which starts around July 2nd.... Pure evil, I say.)

I think there should be NO SIGN of Christmas until after American Thanksgiving-- supersaturation only ruins the holiday spirit. After all, the whole reason Christmas is great is because it is (or was) so fleeting. I steadfastly refuse to play Christmas songs until December 1st. After which, I pretty much play them 20 hours out of 24.... Sorry, Matt!