Sunday, November 23, 2008

Swish Titles Looking for a Film

If you know me personally (which of course 99.9% of my visitors do), you know that since we moved to London J has been reinventing the work he does. After years of working with printed fonts, logos, packaging, book covers and brochures, all a bit static, he is finally giving those designs some movement. Of course he still pays the bills with his beautiful graphic design work as his portfolios demonstrate.

But the exciting thing for both J (and actually more for me) is that he now feels he has a body of work ready to unveil -- 'moving designs'.

I say it is exciting for me because being the spouse of a creative perfectionist I have had to be very patient about the time it took to finalize his reel (that's what the portfolio is called). Personally, I felt he was ready a year ago. However, perfection is not quickly achieved and in fact it takes many many hours/days/weeks of
studying (that's what J calls watching movies).

In any case, J has now finished two portfolio reels including some commercial video work and also some yet uncommissioned movie titles. We just need someone to write and produce the films and we'll be in business.

Reel, Spring/Summer 08 from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.

Reel, Autumn/Winter 08 from Jonathan Howells on Vimeo.

Yes. Of course, I am very very proud (I'm convinced I must have had some impact with all my forceful encouragement).


Ere said...


He is, clearly, brilliant. No, I mean it-- utterly brilliant and gifted beyond measure. I feel more talented just for knowing him. I am sooooooooooo proud of him! Yaaaayyyy! Give him enormous hugs from me. And I will give him some myself next week when I see him.

Right, off to brag shamelessly about my brilliant friend and his incredible motion pictures.

(I am also wildly impressed to see your hands [and your glass of wine] figuring so prominently in the 2nd reel...)

Ere said...

Ooh! nearly forgot! you have a reader you don't even know-- a colleague of mine and B's reads you via the link on his blog! Your public awaits, my dear!

( and she is cool and you would LOVE her!)

Dana said...

Yup! Huge fan of J's work!! Wow!!!!!

. . . and regular blog reader ;)

Rodwellian said...

Hi Dana and friend of Ere and Burke's. I'm glad you stop by. I'm thinking of writing about my new shoes i got today. SOOOOO wonderful they deserve a post.