Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Santa, I'm making my list

I know I'm supposed to be buying everyone gifts and not thinking about what I MIGHT like. However, I'm often asked what I want for Christmas. Well actually, it is usually just my Mom. So I thought I would create a post that I can update as I think of ideas. In fact, I might keep this list way in to the new year to remind me what I need

Don't worry I'll be busy buying little gifts too. So, to get what you really want be sure to tell this Santa what you would like -- post in comments.

Now for me:
  • black socks (and other colours too). It may seem boring but I need them. **update: my MOM and Aunt Kathy bought me some - yay!

  • donations to Wen-Do or any legitimate charity with a special focus on women and girls' lives around the world.
  • a cashmere shawl - I'm not sure what colour but I want a really soft and fuzzy cashmere shawl. I'm thinking burgundy, gray or even fuscia. (I need to keep warm at work)
  • scales for our kitchen - this is really for J as he does the cooking. In the UK, they use grams rather than cups and sometimes we are really at a loss as to how much chocolate we need to put in to our desserts
  • acrylic shoe boxes - last year J bought me 12 of these for Christmas. I loved them but I've been busy buying more shoes and need more boxes

  • The Wire - Season 5. Have you heard I'm totally addicted. I've been holding out from watching the last season as I don't want it to end. Oh well, Lost is coming up soon. [ed. Yes, it's true. I got season 5 for Christmas. Whoohoo! The season will start Jan. 5th]
  • A bell for my bike. I think this one is kind of cute but I just want it to work. Update: I just bought a new bike bell at sportsdirect for £0.99 at the Boxing Week Sales.
  • Non-stick frying pan - again this one is for J. I made some pancakes this morning and realized it is high time for a replacement We just picked up one at Home Base. Wow, what a difference!
  • Plastic Spatula - J again. We keep wrecking our frying pan with our metal flipper.
    J got it from me for Xmas, but we still need a new frying pan Not anymore see prior comment.

Well as you can see I'm finding this incredibly easy. Why can't my nieces and nephews provide me with a list of what they want. I keep asking and they say "nothing". I don't believe it. Do you? What would you like? Do tell and don't be shy.



xiao dan said...

love the shoe box too!!! is it for sale online? ping me the link pls JL - haha this is a good combination, shall i call you two JL going forward ;)

tania said...

oh shoot!! i wish i had seen this earlier-
:) it was so great to see so much of you this visit! you are so fun to hang out with-