Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Now It's Easy to be a Handbag Addict

I am a relatively new addict of handbags. I guess the reason I've been rather slow in the past is due to the fact that changing handbags takes time and effort. And, my readers (my best friend, BMad and my Mum) know that I'm always running late and often I don't have time to switch to my new co-ordinated handbag.

So, yesterday when I was told out about these little numbers that are designed to be easily transferred from one handbag to another --- i thought oh no my addiction my just get worse. Oh well - there's always rent-a-bag.

Thanks to Malinki for the tip. I'm off to buy one. Now I just need to keep these inserts organized.

Update: Looks like Lola's Sister has some great advice.


Burke said...

it's true, i do watch and read your blog. and it is also true that you are a handbag addict.
now you have bags for your bags!

do you remember those 1970's TV commercials for those purses will all the crazy pockets?

Lola's Sister said...

But what if the bag to which you are switching (like the one I will post on Lola's Sister in the next few moments) is really, really, really tiny? Those honkin' big things won't FIT!