Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Film Artistes & Huge Task List

I needed pictures on my blog. People hate reading, right? Ok, here's a pic of my brother. Scary eh?

My job is so crazy at the moment that I feel scared by the prospect of making daily personal objectives. It is that whole public accountability thing. But this is the point, right?

Tuesday was incredibly productive because I managed to do accomplish all these unnamed objectives - take my word.

Actually, I did attend a workshop last night on Arts Grant Writing for Film Artistes. Yes, this is an Arts Grant so it better be very arty. Remember that. Jonathan is confident that given his time at art school he can say the right thing and morph in to the ARTISTE. It was very interesting and I still can't believe I sat for 4 hours without saying anything. Get up off the floor. It isn't unheard of just unlikely.

Ok so where is the long task list? No that is a work thing. Let me publicly put down a few small objectives for the rest of the week:
  • Ensure the painters come and fix the wall I tried painting (my role in that is to get Jonathan to call them - hee hee)
  • Read another installment of the Diary - finish July 1955. I'm still waiting for the sex and drugs
  • Try felting my newly knitted armbands. Doesn't that sound beautiful?
  • Workout at least 1 time (as I said make them attainable)

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