Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Beauty of the Past

I have been quiet for almost 2 years. Kind of. In fact, i have been busy avoiding my original objectives I set out for myself and this blog. I'm back ... I hope.

You have to start with baby steps. Here is my first step i.e. finding my username and password. That is a challenge in itself. I accomplished that objective.

I thought I would share the beauty of old photographs. This is a photo of my mother and her friend. Isn't it and aren't they beautiful?

The other photo is a picture of her soon to be sweetheart - my Dad. Here he is with some old friends from his Wheeler days (his hockey team). Awwww, the snow. I miss it only at this time of year. Oh well I'll get it when I'm home at Christmas.

Now off to accomplish today's objective - we're making a little video for my wonderful Aunt who is turning 60 soon.


Jonathan Howells said...

Love the picture of your mom. Funny how all photos of women from the 1950's make them look either like movie stars, or more adult and grown up than they actually were... she's probably 18, but looks 30 something!

tania said...

yay you are back!
these pictures are great-