Sunday, April 05, 2009

Don't use this to intimidate people

For Christmas I gave J a rather unique candle arbre by Studio Glithero. It is a candle arbre completely made of wax. Theoretically you can burn the entire thing. The piece looks rather gothic. Take this rather gothic candle arbre and add our over-the-top contemporized barroque (J's description) wallpaper and our bedroom is taking on a slightly weird look. See below..

So I figured how better to hang said candle arbre was with black curtain tie-backs knotted using a noose. A noose? Yes, a noose. (rather morbid I know)
I needed to figure out how to tie a noose knot given I've never needed one before. So, where better to look than the interweb and even better than Google, I checked Youtube as I figured I would need a video explanation. Within seconds I found 100s of 'how to' videos on noose knot tieing. The one that I ultimately used was the one below. My teacher made it very clear "DO NOT USE THIS TO INTIMIDATE PEOPLE" ... you heard me.


Ere said...

First, I LOVE that candelabra! Second, am wildly jealous over entire concept of "contemporized baroque" (which is a total homage to the goth-meets-bordello chic that is the colour of my very soul!). Third, how inspired are you with your totally appropriate noose knot! If you ever sell the place, you'll have all the open house viewers riffling through your drawers in search of kinky sex toys and checking the place for secret rooms....

Rodwellian said...

We've had second thoughts about the candleabra (oh i see how I'm supposed to spell it now :) I mean not the candelabra itself which I still love you should go to the website of Studio Glithero, but the noose knot and even where we have it hung. it is black and our room is mostly off white and brown and pink.

Granted we just watched 'The Reader' and seeing the noose perhaps was not so good. Hmmm where to hang the candlabra now. We're thinking backyard. Do you think rain will ruin it. I must admit it wasn't cheap.