Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Better than I remembered

The summer before I started university, I worked at Lincoln Motor Inn in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This was 22 years ago (eek!), so I was rather excited to see that 1) Lincoln Motor Inn still existed and 2) it has a website. They've come a long way!

Having grown up close by and then working in Niagara Falls one summer, I've visited Niagara Falls probably 100s of times and I know I took them for granted. They are pretty impressive when you get up real close.

It's just that when people especially from the UK find out that I lived 15 minutes from Niagara Falls, they always seem in awe. Little do they know that after you spend 20 minutes looking at the Falls you then have to spend the next few hours in amusement hell on Clifton Hill surrounded by thousands of toursits. That's probably why I don't always think so kindly on The Falls.

So, when I saw this post today on Fubiz, my first thought was why would a cool site like Fubiz feature Niagara Falls on their site. Well I think the video shows that even amusement hell can be beautiful.

Niagara Falls in Motion from Matthew Wartman on Vimeo.


Ere said...

I love the Falls, both the water and the city itself. I love Clifton Hill-- it is so kitschy and I love the steepness and the surprise of the beautiful garden at the foot of it. I love walking along the "boardwalk" and enjoying all the hordes of people who are so thrilled to be there, all taking thousands of photos. I love going in the winter, when it is cold and icy and beautiful. I love going behind the Falls. I love standing "at the edge"-- you know where I mean-- and watching the water rush over the edge. I love all the geeky stats about hydro-electric power. I love the River and all the stories that go with it. I love looking across and seeing the American Falls and knowing that I am looking at another country. I LOVE the Maid of the Mist.

I love the Falls, what can I say?

I recommend Jane Urquhart's novel, "The Whirlpool".

Rodwellian said...

I will definitely read that book as I loved her last book you recommend.

I also am a big fan of maid of the midst and have fond memories of hanging out in Maple Leaf Village as a teen --

Plus the times of crossing the border to hit Club Exit should not be forgotten

Ere said...

Ah, yes, Club Exit. And who could forget the tragically-misnamed Pleasuredome?