Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stella Artois Ad Rips off Retro CBC Logo

CBC Logo Rip OFF
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Last weekend we spotted this poster in the Tube for Stella Artois. As an aside, I never drink Stella Artois as I was once told that it was rated the worst in blind taste tests. However, the purpose of this post is not to discuss its virtues rather this poster.

The ad as you can see is eye-catchingly retro. It even features a suave French gentleman who definitely pleases my eyes. However, that is not what grabbed our attention. Surprisingly, it wasn't even the classic car for J.

No, it was the old CBC logo that was included in the poster that got our tongues wagging. We just couldn't figure it out. Why would they take an old logo and cut it in to pieces and include it here.

It is the CBC logo isn't it? (here's the 70's logo). Am I missing the idea of the ad? Is it supposed to be recycling old logos? I doubt it. Who in the UK even knows what the CBC is. Any ideas about this ad? Anyone?


Erin said...

Weird, for sure. I wonder whether there is some link to the symbol for recycling used in France? Is it different from here?-- I dunno-- recycled image, recycled logo... I think you should send it to the CBC and see what they think. The connection is not remotely obvious, that's for sure....

Anonymous said...
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