Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Cat's Got My Tongue and More

Tonight, I went to a stranger's home who I met on the internet. I know - I've broken all the rules.

Actually, I haven't been hanging out on dating sites and haven't been flirting in chat rooms. I met this stranger because of my desire to get a cat despite my allergies.

Huh? You ask.

Well, here's my story. About 3-4 months ago, I decided I really wanted a cat despite being super allergic to these creatures. YYZ was busy with her 3 new kittens and I wanted one too. I was determined to find one with whom I could live. That meant searching out a hypo-allergenic equivalent of the feline sort. That's where I discovered Siberian cats and their alleged hypo-allergenic nature.

Now isn't it clear how I ended up at a stranger's house? That's right, I went to meet a few of these furry felines to see if they could break me. That's right, super-allergy girl was in a house with 5 adult cats and 9 kittens - all Siberian - for an allergy test. I had an enjoyable 30 minutes talking to the breeder, scratching and holding the big guys and playing with the kittens. . I even got to hold my potential kitten - Aurora. I was hopeful as I was only just a bit sniffly

Only after I left the house, did the full on allergy attack happen. On my walk home, I sneezed non-stop for 10 minutes and found I was scratching wildly at my neck. That's when I knew. I knew that baby Aurora would not be moving in with me.

*sniffle sniffle


YYZ said...

Oh, NOOOOO! I am soooo sad for you! I can't believe it-- even the hypo-allergenic guys get to you. :( What does your allergist say? I am also allergic to cats, but my tolerance builds up. Thus, our two don't bother me at all, but my mum's two drive me crazy, as do all the strays I stop to scritchle when I am out walking. Obviously I am not as allergic as you are, but you did live with O & Z for years and did not suffer as badly then as you do now-- maybe there is a middle ground, a way to adjust to the point where you can live with it.

I am so sorry it didn't work out; you are MEANT to have cats, you two. :(

(I hope you got some Benadryl to deal with that itching!)

Nicky said...


If you have a spare $7000 or so you can do: http://www.allerca.com/ - although I am never sure if this is actually real or not!