Monday, February 25, 2008

Misfits, MOO and Mahem

When I first met J, he had a set of MISFITS cards from his childhood and I knew we were meant together because:
  1. I also had the MISFITS game as a kid
  2. I still had my game (but for different reasons ... mostly being a packrat)
(photo courtesy of Etsy seller sushipotparts)

In any case, he kept his set of MISFITS for many years hoping to get a client to buy an idea that used them. He finally managed it when he designed this book cover for Knopf. Not sure the book did all that well ... but he realized his MISFITS' dream. So, it didn't come as a huge surprise to me that J would think it would be cool to use MOO MiniCards as a modern day way of creating a new MISFITS game (complete with Angelina Jolie and Woody Allen). So, first he created some misfits,

then he borrowed Nick and Jacqui's cat - Walter - then came the filming .... below is the result. A cat, some silliness with a dash of MOO ;)


tania said...

he was always nuts about the misfits!

Burke said...

the stormtrooper eyes rule!

Anonymous said...

I could not even believe, that such a small thing like Missfit card (sorry, I never heard about it before the article) can have a such a powerfull meaning in people´s life, especially with such a "rational girl" like you are! Great to learn something new about you!

For the similar idea (should be called rather FITTS), which came across recently look with J at, if this would be something interesting for you.

Petr K.

Rodwellian said...

Hi Petr.
It is J that was more affected by the Misfits :) Not me ...

Draw-a-rama said...

I loooooove misfits, I'd forgotten all about them! and i love Moo cards, too! heaven!