Friday, May 16, 2008

Is your ________________ naked?

In my mind, you are not dressed unless you are wearing at least one accessory and it should be stand-out, memorable and preferably a conversation starter. Well how do you think your ________ feels? You know your __________. There it is all naked and boring without one accessory. That's just cruel.

Well, I have the answer for accessorizing your _____________. It's a sticker or better than that it is a collection of stickers. Imagine it. The creativity, the comments, the conversation -- all due to some stickers.

Here's the easy answer on getting some really cool stickers. It's a full book of stickers designed by 90 different designers from around the MOO world. Check them all out and now your ________________ (fill in the blank - Laptop, mobile phone, notebook, oyster card etc.) will be dressed. Here is a Ready Made pack of 90 stickers. Go check them out:
Laptop Design Competition Stickers

Stickers $9.99
Buy this on

Otherwise, make up your own pack choosing from other designers or use your own pics/designs. Go Crazy, but don't go naked.

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