Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sexy Legs

As you all know this blog really does not have a focus. It originally was going to track my goals and ironically that didn't happen. Then it meandered in to our life in London and at other times it is a world-wide marketing platform for the latest and greatest from MOO (see yesterday's post).

But, today we move in a new direction. Today, I'm going to talk about sexy legs.

It starts with an introduction to the coolest little online shop called the Shop Floor Project. It is jam-packed with loads of funky but incredibly expensive finds. Within minutes of entering, I found myself salivating over everything and strangely I found myself attracted to all the products showing off sexy legs. I guess I'm a Legs woMAN.

What do you think? Tea with Sexy Legs A brand new take on the tea party.

Designed by Tina Tsang

And, what better accessory for your sexy legs tea cup but a pair of your own sexy legs. Here is the perfect solution to add some sex appeal to the old jambes (also found in the same shop) - these beautiful tights adorned with Peacock feathers.

Designed by:
Chloe Patience (do you think that is her real name?)
& Mhairi MicNichol

Now I need to find an event to justify these purchases. I hear another MOO Tea Party maybe in order.

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Ere said...

Hey! I LOVE that online shop, too! (I found it via Hetty Rose, thanks to you) I surf it to cheer myself up but only end up feeling sad that a) I am not talented like all those folks, b)I cannot afford any of their delightful wares. I, too, have drooled over those tea things! And as for those tights, I saw them in the King's Road when I was there over Christmas and SERIOUSLY considered buying a turquoise pair, but decided that not even I could rationalize the insane price tag.... I was VERY CLOSE to buying them, but then the price and the certain knowledge that I would put a pick/run/huge gaping hole in them the very first time I wore them prevailed... I am still VERY SAD about it, though....