Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fascinators Revisited

I promised to expose the outcome of the Fascinator tale. So, here goes:

Wedding Day Minus 1 Day:
Joy from work who is incredibly creative and crafty brought in her glue and creative expertise to help work on the burgundy fascinator. Our goal was to add in some of the other feathers to see if we could get the fascinator to match the dress and shawl.

So, just after Friday lunch, Joy pulls out her goodies. It was amazing to see the wonders she just had lying around. She is definitely a creative diva. She slowly plotted where to insert the gray feathers. Denise, our other creative guru, added in her expertise. I realized I couldn't be in any better hands. Thank Goddess!

A good hour later, Joy was done. My fascinator looked perfect and she even suggested making a little carrying case for it out of a whiskey bottle container. Did I say crafting genious? Sadly, it was a little early for empty whisky bottle cases. In any case, I was set with less than 24 hours to go. YAY!

Wedding minus 6 hours:
I woke up and looked at my beautifully enhanced fascinator and then put it next to my dress and shawl. OH NO! It still wasn't quite working. On its own, it was wonderful, but together it just didn't match. Still too brown and too burgundy. What was I to do?

Wedding minus 3 hours:
I decided it was worth a wonder around Harrogate. It looked like a town that was used to a lot of weddings. I deduced: there must be a shop with the latest in fascinators. Sure enough there were a lot of shops on the high street with a focus on hats, but nothing that really worked. Then I stumbled across Julie Fitzmaurice a shop that knows their fascinators.
I found one I LOVED. I breathed deeply and asked the very helpful sales woman the price. Shit! I give up. I guess if I was going to be co-ordinated at this wedding I was going to have to pay for it.

Then I heard the voice of Gina's friend who told me "never buy a fascinator without the dress". Given the fact I had got in to this mess in the first place by doing that, I rushed back to the inn to grab my dress and shawl.

I guess the pink bag gives it away that I took the plunge and bought my final fascinator 2.5 hours before the wedding was scheduled to begin. Wow, I cut it close.

So, I must thank everyone involved in the fascinator fiasco - Tanya (who helped pick one out in the first place), Joy and Denise (who enhanced the one I had) and finally the sales lady at Julie Fitzmaurice who helped me find the one I actually wore. I think it worked out in the end.

What you want to see it? Well, I don't have a photo which shows the entire outfit together with the pink shawl.... silly me. You would think I would get a photo of the whole ensemble given the challenges. Oh well, it wasn't about me. Rather, the bride who was gorgeous!!!!! Here are the few shots I have but alas no shawl in these pics.


Ere said...

You are, officially, the only friend I have who owns TWO fascinators. Next time I'm in town, I am borrowing one and we are going out and painting London pink (of course)!

Rodwellian said...

In fact, if you read carefully I own 3 fascinators.

Ere said...

Yes, that is true. But then, you know how bad I am at math.

Kudos to your crafty mates. by the way!

tania said...

sensational fascinator dahhhling-

tania said...

sensational fascinator dahhhling-