Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another Saturday Night...

In an effort to start blogging and giving back (I get so much from other blogs), I'm going to post a nothing blog. As you can see by the date on my last blog it seems like I average about 1 blog post a year. I just need to get something up there. Let's compare this to getting back on the old horse.

So ... it's another Saturday night here in London. J's mother, Anne. is visiting and today we tired ourselves out. We started the day out with a breakfast at the Acoustic Cafe in Newington Green. It was a good English breakfast sans grease! What a treat.

We then headed down to Chapel Market because I had been told that there was a dry cleaners/cobbler who could fix my yellow bag ... see my photo here. I love this yellow bag. It is my new laptop bag, which got ripped last weekend on my way back from the Stream07 conference. Unfortunately, while this cobbler can fix one of my shoes for a crazy low price of £3 ... he couldn't fix my bag. Any suggestions would be helpful

Finally, we made our way down to the Thames to the London Craft Show put on by the Craft Council. What a treat! It was soooooo wonderful. We loved so many pieces. There was some fantastic jewellery, beautiful scaves and one particular artist who made art pieces out of felt. See some of the great work by the artisans here. We didn't buy anything, but I'm hoping J will buy me some cool earrings or a ring for my birthday --- hint. hint.

I also did a little sales job for MOO MiniCards at the sale. In fact, a few of the artisans thought it would be a great idea to show their work.

OK ... I've done it. I've managed to get over the year hiatus.

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