Saturday, October 27, 2007

Love Actually is All Around Us

You can tell I'm pushing my late 30s when I describe my night last night as one of of my most memorable Friday nights.

I started the evening off with a few beers with workmates. This is still the greatest part about living in London (i.e. someone willing to go for a beer after work). Now this in itself is nothing to note, but a good start just the same.

The real fun bits of this Friday evening were waiting for me at home. I arrived home to TWO tall handsome men waiting for me. Lucky me. One poured me a glass of wine and cooked the meal. The other entertained me with his banter. (guess which was which? Hint: banter=bmad)
I say "Why stop with TWO tall, handsome men, why not invite over a third?" While it was a bit late to come in time for dinner, we arranged for a third to come for an after dinner tipple. Enter Sam MBA. It wasn't a difficult task, we just called on the powers of the interweb and a little company called skype. Enter Sam from DE.

OK the best part is still coming -- MOVIE TIME! B recommended that we watch Love Actually. How fantastic is that? I got to watch LOVE ACTUALLY and didn't have to use up one of my requrests on it. Thanks B.

So, up we went to the lounge, set up the projector and snuggled in to the couch to watch our collectively shared all time favourite (appropriately set in London).

Now part of the fun, was the pre-movie discussion. We all had to choose the saddest, funniest, hotest bits of the flick. We definitely had different points of view. Big surprise. My saddest but also the sexiest ... Laura Linney & hunky Carl. Personally, I think she should be able to have love and still be devoted to her brother. She should have done both!

Just to close out the night -- I guess what really was the topper of the evening. Not surprisingly I happily watched the first fifteen minutes and then fell asleep during the rest with the happy thoughts that I was surrounded by Love

... and my 2 HPs watching Love Actually together.

Blog Participation Here:
hat are your favourite, saddest , hottest, funniest bits? Here are some suggestions..

Funny: Could it be Hugh Grant dancing around number 10? That'll always remind me of Risky Business crossed with Matt B's dancing.


Sad: Emma Thompson opening up a Joni Mitchell CD. We all love Joni but ...


Romantic: Colin Firth speaking Portuguese to the lovely Portuguese girl?

I do want to know - leave a comment.


Jonathan Howells said...

One of my favourite funny Love Actually parts, among many others, is towards the end where it seems the whole village is following Colin Firth along narrow lanes towards his Portugese love as they all explain to each other what is about to happen. The truth gets more and more lost in translation - "he's going to kill her!" one person explains "cool" replies another! Actually he arrives to ask her to marry him, and this is the my favourite romantic moment in the film! Jonathan ('ol softy)

Erin said...

Well, you all know it's my fave all-time, too, but I think my most favourite bits have already been taken: I agree about Laura and 'our enigmatic chief designer', Carl-- definitely the saddest. Also sad is Emma telling my own hero, Alan R., that he has made her LIFE foolish with his stupid flirtation with Slutty Secretary, Ming. Sad, but also so so great is Liam Neeson breaking down in grief at his wife's recent death and Emma T., calmly munching his cereal from the box and deadpanning, "You can't keep crying all the time-- no one will ever want to shag you." Also, goofy American boy's Christmas carol for Kiera is very hot and sad and romantic and funny. Funniest bits? There are too many-- check out the extras on the dvd for the hilarious "Claudia Schiffer NAKED, NAKED, NAKED" scene.

Okay, I talk too much, but it IS Love Actually and you DID ask. I am jealous of your fun night with the handsomest three tall men I know! (It's okay, Matt-- you are handsomer, but not as tall, so everybody's happy! :) )
ps-- Don't forget when Aurelia's dad calls the fat sister, "Miss Dunkin Donuts 2002", Jonathan!

Anonymous said...

unfortunatey, "hot carl" has a meaning in certain circles that I am sure you won't find sexy.
also, to follow up the discussion with the supertaramp secretary: she and Alan R. do not shag. the necklace is the one and only disrection. (by the way, the periods after the last two sentences actually mean PERIOD.)
i love how all the story lines share characters, creating a unified world. I also enjoy seeing how deeply Liam N cares for Sam, and how their relationship is so strong that Liam can call Sam "a wee motherless mongrel", or something like that.

Rodwellian said...

OK... there is a whole world out there that I'm glad I don't know. I've altered the word I used to describe Carl ...

thanks for the enlightenment.

tania said...

funny- when colin firth and hugh grant wrestle in the fountain- or was that brigit jones...
sad- liam neeson and his dead wife! he is so hot.
romantic....yes the protugese girl and colin firth kissing!

aliciazs said...

I also like Rowan Atkinson's small cameo as the guy packaging the necklace that Liam Neeson is surreptitiously buying.

Cameron Sharpe said...

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