Thursday, October 18, 2007

Show your creative side

Originally uploaded by patti haskins
Today, MOO launched their Super Duper Holiday Card Competition. There are some really beautiful as well as some hilarious entries. I of course can't enter because I work at MOO, but I sure can enjoy them. This little baby here made me howl right along side.

On a more personal note, B has landed in London - stop 2 on his world wide tour. Right now he is down at J's computer working at uploading all his photos to Flickr. Right now he isn't loving the process, but I'm sure he will shortly be a convert. Oh good news for B. He was chosen as one of the top 10 artists on the Saatchi Gallery website. Check out his work there - Burke Paterson.

OK ... need an objective this week:

Bring in the winter clothing. Can you believe I still have my summer clothing stuffing up my closet. Meanwhile, I've got carol singing cats to remind me how close Christmas is.

Oh another discovery lately was ... I'm loving this site.


The photo was originally uploadded by patti haskins and is entitled Hallelujah!


Emma said...

Burke's work is awesome. I passed it on to my friend Trudy, who knew Burke at Queen's and is very interested in photography (that sounds like a bad line from a Monty Python movie!)

patti haskins said...

Hi, I noticed that you posted my pic and since you posted, I have edited and reloaded the image. You might want to relink your photo so you can see the pic and not the blank box. And thanks for noticing my kitties!